Trash Costumes

Welcome to Thrill The World South Bay!

What is "Trash Zombie"?

Trash Zombies are 'undead' creatures from the ocean. They were killed by TRASH. They accidentally ingested or entangled by plastic trash. Sea creatures can be whales, dolphins, sea lions, turtles, fish, shrimps, pelicans, seagulls, and so on.

How do we make our "trash costumes"?

We attach "trash" onto our clothes. Clothes can be any workout clothes or Halloween costumes. We use "PLASTIC TRASH", especially "Single-Use Plastic Trash". For example, plastic water bottles, bottle caps, plastic shopping bags, plastic food containers, 6-pack rings, CDs/DVDs, Styrofoam, balloons and strings, ribbons, packaging materials, To-Go containers, snack bags, candy wrappers, frozen food bags, plastic utensils, straws, plastic drink cups, yogurt cups, plastic toys, coffee cups, coffee cup lids, etc, etc...

Here are some tips and rules:
1.    Do not buy new PLASTIC to make your costumes. Always use something you already have or used.
2.    If your TRASH contained food, wash it well.
3.    Sew TRASH or attach TRASH tightly on your clothes. 
4.    Do not TRASH anywhere when you walk or dance.
5.    Try not to use pins and staples, because you may get hurt.
6.    Do not cover your mouth or nose with plastics.
7.    Do not tie your neck with plastics.
8.    Recycle TRASH after the event.
We will have a costume contest after the dance. Be creative, have fun while making your costumes!

Costume examples